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Custom Made Stuff

We are experts at custom made stuff, Customised builds such as Arcade Machines, Robotics, Detailed spray paintings, Replica Decor, Vehicle and Engine Detailing and much more. Just see below at the kinds of things we have built for customers.

custom arcade machine

Custom Arcade Machines

We can build you a custom arcade machine, Not only with any graphics that you want on the sides but we can also make you a custom arcade game to go on the machine itself.

We can put any picture on the outsides of the arcade machine including pixelated versions of you, We can make a basic super mario style game with you as a character and install it on the machine.

You can send us a hand drawn idea on what you would like your machine to look like and we can make it happen. Contact us for a quote.

Custom Exoskeletons

Yes thats right, Custom Built exoskeletons. We can build it, Whether you want a gas strut powered non electrical exo or a actuator driven by a computer system, We can help. You will have to send us your requirements and we can look into the build for you. Our custom built stuff is one of a kind and fairly basic builds. To get a largely manufactured Exo you would have to take a look at the big players in the industry, But you would also be paying much more.

The one we have built is mainly to put some ease upon the shoulders and though not amazingly comfy, It does serve the purpose. We try to advise to build Exo’s with the need for electrical power, However we are happy to build say a 12V system.

Build time can be anything between 5 days to 30 days depending on part suppliers. Full payment would be needed upfront for one of these custom builds.

custom built stuff
custom built stuff

Custom Furniture

We have built customised furniture such as Wave Sofa’s, Teenagers Tech Bed and Fairy tale beds. We have built a Childs fairytale bed which had vine wrapped tree trunks with Fairies, Squirrels and Elfs coming out of various gaps in the trunks. We also incoporated a mounted tv and LED Lights to give it a slightly modern feel.

We also built a teenagers bed which had a 13 amp plub, USB Charge sockets, LED lighting underneath, Leather coated and had a lockable safe built into it. We also have built chairs and sofas, Headboards and even riot shields.

Custom Decor

We can make your decor custom like this submarine door inside a first floor flat. Whatever you need, We can more than likely make it for you.

We have made custom doors for fridges and freezers, Custom changed bannisters, personalised garages and sheds and much more.

We have also made a Poker table with solid metal pedestal legs, with customised playing cards to go with it.

We can make something thats a normal everyday object and turn it into something different with a wow factor.

custom built submarine door