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Monday - Saturday 9:00 - 17.00

Sunday - closed


Feel free to send us pictures via whatsapp to the mobile number above to get a quick quote.

Painting Service contact details are above where you can book a team of professional painting staff to come out to your property and bring your walls, doors, skirting boards, ceiling’s and sills up to the perfect finish you want. With our staff undergoing a unique intense training course to ensure they provide the highest standards of service and even if a drop of paint is spilled then we can bring our friends at The Carpet Cleaners┬áto sort it out free of charge. We will not leave your sink a mess, Not leave spots of paint on your windows, mirrors and oven door which is common. You need to find your perfect painting service contractor which we can provide you.

You will be able to contact us and see our previous works on most social media platforms and see our great reviews about all of our team. We are regulated by the DMZ Group UK who monitor all our operations to ensure every customer is more than happy.

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