Classic Motorcycle Restoration

Classic Motorcycle Restoration

We can provide Classic Motorcycle Restoration or Motor Car Restores as we are experts in metal sanding, polishing, and painting. We had a little free time over the past week so we set to work on restoring this 1967 Ducati DM 125cc Motorcycle which had been imported from America and was in a very sorry state. We completely stripped every single piece down to the last bolt, Sand Blasted almost everything, Primed, Spray painted and a Clear coat was applied. Then the engine was cleaned thoroughly, and new oil, seals, spark plug, piston, and valves were checked and now is a beautiful example of a classic motorcycle.

Classic Motorcycle Restoration (before)
Classic Motorcycle Restoration (after)

We operate Painting and Decorating Services from Southampton but will travel all over the country for big jobs if you have a motorcycle or car that needs restoring then you can arrange to have it delivered to our workshop and we can get cracking on making it look as close to showroom condition as possible. Our Classic Motorcycle Restoration services are low cost compared to others as we mainly operate in our spare time away from our main painting services which is so we do not have the worry of making sure we charge enough to get by.

Front View Before Restoring
Front View After the Restore

Look out for our next restoration, Renovation, or outright weird ideas and Hobbies on The Painting Service Blog.

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