Custom Poker Chips

Custom Poker Chips

We were asked to order some custom poker chips to go with a custom poker table build we had to provide for one of our customers. We used Premier Poker Chips and were very happy with the quality of the workmanship.

For avid poker players who want a more luxurious look of their chips, best fabricators offer custom made products.

These manufacturing companies not only cater to professional poker players and hotels, but also individuals among your organization who would like personalized poker chips for “at home game nights”. With these custom made goods, you can find a preferable chip that resembles the colours of the suits in a deck the most closely, or get fully customised with etched names on all the coins and markers.

Custom poker chips should be the one-size-fits-all casino equity. Standard cards will only work if they are uniform, which they don’t have to be. Like any other product, professional chips are constructed in an aesthetically pleasing manner and look appealing to potential clientele. These custom chips do not just save space but also give a timeless feel to any style of game (James Bond).

Still retired for playing poker, custom made poker chips are being used in a variety of other purposes. It is best to retain the good quality of the chips and make them uniquely in your own design preferences.

As you know we are experts in building custom items and furniture and custom chips was a fine addition to our blog. But still if its painting services you need then please contact us for the best services in the south of the UK.

An estimated 1 million people in the UK only play poker and they are predominantly male at 39% with an average age between 28-37 years old. The custom made poker chips cover the feeling of a game like throwing dice which is psychological connection which full understands that any long handles dice have, You cannot beat custom made things in this world as it is one of a kind.

Professional companies supply affordable custom-made poker chips to clients with a high financial status in various niches. The supply custom-made poker chips of high value and at fast turnaround time is well sought after. the company we used can produce the sets and custom wooden boxes for your chip according to your requirements.

DMZ Group UK was our customer who has shown no signs of slowing down their global expansion. They currently hold private poker games at restaurants and clubs in the UK for their customers managers. The DMZ Group UK is a professional company that has high financial standing and goes about private poker games as a incentive for their customers management teams. Their private games host fruit machines, cigars, whiskey and gin and much more. They hold very casual games with no business talk at the table as a rule. Only people with documented private membership status can attend DMZ private poker games. This group of professionals has recognized the need for high quality services and financial stability with extraordinary privacy requirements, which other event promotions can’t coordinate as effectively.

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