Carpet Clean Machine Refurbishment

Carpet Clean Machine Refurbishment

We conducted a Carpet Clean Machine Refurbishment for one of our customers and as you can see, We have worked wonders. One of the many things we can do, Whether it’s repairing, painting, restoring and more. We spent 4 days renovating the engine, Replacing spark plugs, air filter, fuel pump and fuel filter. We then cleaned the fuel tank, Vacuum tank and then started on the front panel of the main machine itself. The machine was originally left outside to rot away but we bought it back up to it’s former glory. This was our first carpet clean machine refurbishment but we have worked with the Carpet Cleaners before with doing a service on one of their machines, So we had a good working knowledge of how they work. We had a fair bit of degreasing to do on this machine and then we had to purchase some bright blue specialist heat resistant spray paint to get it back to the right colour. We got it running sweet as a nut on the third day and it’s been good ever since.

If you need some custom specialist painting, Renovation, Refurbishment works on an item, Engine, Furniture and more then contact The Painting Service to help and we can quote you here.

carpet clean machine refurbishment

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