Painter Prices

Painter Prices

Painter Prices.

Over the years of owning properties we have found that painters prices are usually about the same. But the cost of paint itself has risen due to ‘Brexit’. You get what you pay for though so when looking for a painter, If you do go for the cheapest, Ensure they are actually good at what they do.

So how much do painters charge? Well depends if it the budget painter one man band or a company with lots of staff members. But the average is around £200 per room for all the walls and skirting boards painted. Most painters can have a room done in one day without a problem. The other question is do the walls need sanding, is there wallpaper in place that needs removing, all of these place a key role in pricing. For if you look at our prices at

What else do we need to know about painter prices? Well it is very dependant on the colour you use, For example if you look at our other post you will see much more on colour price changes. But if you want to know more just go to a diy store and see for yourself, You will see that the brand names are more expensive but also more choice and lets face it the paints are thicker so give a much better coat compared to the budget watery paints.


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