Vibrant Paint Colours

Vibrant Paint Colours

Most people stick to brilliant white or magnolia but we say try that different colour to give your property an edge. As we know these colours are standard, like satinwood white is replacing gloss white for skirting boards, window sills and other woodwork. We are seeing a dramatic drop in use of magnolia wall paint and an increase in white’s and other colours such as grey’s and purple’s. 

At The Painting Service ( we are finding that the most popular colours are the white’s. In all the years we have been providing painting services we always say that any other paint colours other than that of white would be an extra charge as they are generally more expensive.

We recently painted the office building of the DMZ Group ( where they chose ‘Polished Pebble’ which is a slight purple grey colour. they were very happy with their choice and the standard of the painting services we provided them. We had to purchase forty 2.5L tins of Dulux to cover the whole office building which was a tall order. 

To see the average prices of painting services which is dependent upon the colour they use go to in which we demonstrate the costs associated with colour usage. As we mentioned it is mainly the big suppliers like ‘Dulux’ that offers a vast range of different colour’s as the standard trade paints are nine times out of ten just white or magnolia.

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