Uplift Your Living Room With These Decorating Tips

Uplift Your Living Room With These Decorating Tips

Looking for some out of the box decorating tips that we leave your rooms standing out from the crowd then look no further than here.

We have seen outrageous refurbs such as the kids room with a surround around the television in the shape and design of a Nintendo switch or a fairytale themed room. These are quite amazing but sticking to the “normal” most people are sticking to plain colour walls, maybe a feature wall of a separate colour and plain white skirting boards. Some people have 3D wallpaper that you can feel the pattern in your fingers when you smooth your hand over the wall.

We were recently contact by the End of Tenancy Cleaners (https://www.endoftenancycleaner.org) where they had scratched a wall with their vacuum cleaner and needed help rectifying the mark on the wall. So we attended, Colour matched and returned with the right paint and fixed the issue. We were impressed that a cleaning company were decent enough to want to fix a problem they had caused, very impressed.

Getting back to the decorating tips to bring your property to the wow factor it deserves, We would advise using good paintbrushes and take your time when painting. Try good rollers not the cheapest as you would regret it later on. Ensure all holes have been filled with filler and get some decorators caulk to seal the cracks in the edges of the room.

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